Well organized,
always in contact

With our free app you have a quick overview of your duty rosters and may create the basis for a transparent and error-free tax return. Besides, you are always in contact with your colleagues.

The app is intuitive to use, scores with modern design and is constantly being extended with tailor-made offers specifically developed for the Flight personnel.

These partner airlines gives CREWapp wings

Currently there is the CREWapp for the airlines Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo, soon to follow Condor, Germanwings, easyJet and Eurowings.

The app is actively looked after by a Lufthansa pilot. This allows us to make any changes on the intranet capture Lufthansa immediately and use the app accordingly to update.

Thanks to his exclusive insight we can for the CREWapp develop new services to help you in supporting your daily life as a flight attendant.

Many possibilities for Pilots and flight attendants

Currently, you may use the CREWapp services "Logbook", "Messenger", "MyDocuments" "CREWfriends"

The app is also available with the software "MyRoster" connected. With the link you can transmit all tax-relevant information that you have in the CREWapp saved to your "MyRoster" account for a roster evaluation for the Create tax return.


With a few clicks you have your rosters completely on the mobile terminal.

Stop the paper wasting economy and manual calculation!

The smart flight book stores for you your flights from on-block to off-block, your stays at the destination, the layover and counts automatically the respective time zones. That’s why you are already well prepared for your flights even before the service begins.

Independently perfectly managed and always up to date

Logbook is the perfect tool! Not only for time management, but also for the documentation of flight hours, compensation, travel expenses and additional food expenses. All information is available to you anytime, anywhere easily accessible, domestic and abroad, online and offline, above the clouds and on the Tarmac!

Practical and compact

CREWapp is compatible with many logbook providers and with the intranet of your airline (Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo, more to follow in near future) compatible. That's how you capture fast and easy receipts and data already stored on different platforms . Thanks to the function "MyDocuments", you have, furthermore, an overview of all important documents that do not belong to the logbook, digitally at hand. and always in overview.

for flight attendants and pilots

Always keep contact with your crew and the employees of your Company.

Smart contact update for easy communication

In Messenger, the contact details of your new crews are automatically added. You can also communicate with crews of other flights or certain layovers. So your contacts with all desired persons will be very easy.

Schedule overview for optimal planning

The function "CREWfriends" allows you to send Information from your logbook immediately to your colleagues, friends and family. In this way, they will always know where you are and when you have time to spare for more anticipation of shared leisure time and to work with your favorite colleague!

Chats and data management securely encrypted

The data on the CREWapp are encrypted end-to-end. That is why nobody will be able to read your chats - even we can’t. We guarantee your privacy: Any groups and contact lists are being managed on your device and not on the servers. Your encrypted messages will be immediately deleted after delivery on the server Messenger stores all CREW data in anonymous, depersonalized form. A conclusion on company internal is for us not possible, the information remains top- secret and exclusive for those people whom you will grant access.

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